The Future is Ice

Hello out there!

We are all gearing up for the US Open. Vika is back! Vena has 80 points. Djokovich pulls out the win even when not playing his best. Ehrlich continues to hold at #1. And…I’m done. Yes, its a sad day for your long legged Commissioner. I shall continue to receive and update all scores of course but I am officially withdrawing from the US Open AND our Summer Challenge Ladder. My left knee tendon(s) continue to…hurt. I am planning on playing in the indoor singles league coming soon and I feel if I want any chance of being competitive in that, I must truly rest and Ice. Sorry to all my fans who were already planning on attending my upcoming matches. I hope to be back next season.  A special thank you to Conall O’Cleirigh who took me down in three season-ending sets a few days ago. The man is merciless on the court, but I must say he makes some delicious soup.

Elsewhere, some incredible tennis scores out there this last week-ish. Mike Freeman and Scott Enos had an epic battle which Freeman survived, taking the last two sets in tie breakers!  Roman Krasikov also defeated Cliff Chuang in an 11-9 third set super tie breaker for the ages!

Remember we extend to the end of September so there is still a lot of time to do some damage out there.

Challenge away! Be well.

I will be sitting by the computer, ice on my knee…quietly sobbing…waiting for your scores.



August Ladder is Heating Up!

Hey out there on the Summer Challenge Ladder Tour!

A little gray this weekend made for some good tennis weather. Did you play?

Wanted to welcome some new members to the ladder…in recent weeks we have been joined by Jeff Stohlberg, Eric Sprotsky, Andrew Orr-Skirvin and, lets not forget the return of Roman Krasikov! Our ladder is 37 members strong now thanks to your presence. Thanks for joining!

On that note, please let anyone you think might be interested know that there they can still join. We are going to the end of September and there is a lot of tennis to be played. 10 bucks! Damn it.

Mr Ehrlich continues to hold on to the top rung, well done to the man who retrieves EVERY BALL EVER (not bitter)

Some impressive wins in the last week-ish by Daveth Cheth and Gino Galutera. Come on!

Also a special shout out to Alex Vena who is the first player to break 60 points on the points ladder, at 61. Victor Hart is right there under your feet, and I look forward to seeing that see-saw the rest of the way! Or will Scott Enos sneak up on them both? Anything could happen! Its wacky over on the points ladder!

Have a great week all!

Icing my left knee constantly,

Commissioner LongLegs










A New Sheriff and The Sting of a Nasty Hornet

Ladies and Gentleman of the Ladder, as the vanquished #1 player Steve Menichetti himself reported to me in these very words, I have news to share…’There is a New Sheriff in Town’… and his name… is Conor McCormack. He usurped Menichetti 6-4, 6-4 this evening. Well done, Conor!

I would also like to add that a few days earlier Mr McCormack also defeated me in ANOTHER F’ING TIE BREAKER LOSS in the first set (we will not discuss the second set…) But I’m not bitter. Losing tiebreakers can only make me stronger. Ok, I’m a little bitter.

It must also be reported that Mr Conall O’Cleirigh Buzzed up into the #4 position on the ladder after what sounds like a national geographic NIGHTMARE of a match. Onlookers report that Mr O’Cleirigh was chased mid-match by a SWARM of hornets, three of whom managed to sting him (location, unknown) and that it was only the bravery of his opponent, Gino Galutera, that saved Conall from further stings…Gino somehow managed to ‘shoo’ the swarm away. Next, a visibly distraught O’Cleirigh not only recovered but went on to put the biggest ‘sting’ on his opponent, defeating Gino and taking over his spot on the ladder! I only wish there was video of all of this, frankly.

Victor Hart is joined on the top rung of the Points ladder by Alex Vena this week: well done to both of you!

Pretty good weather thru the weekend. Stay hydrated. Stay 6 feet apart. Play tennis!

-Commissioner Longlegs





Menechetti and Hart Rising!

Lots of changes on the ladder of late. Very pleased so many folks are getting out there and playing, meeting one another, that’s the main thing!

Victor Hart is the first player to break 30 points over on the Points Ladder, though there are quite a few directly below him…keep playing Victor!

Steve Menechetti took over the top spot…for now…well done, Steve!

Alex Vena made a very big leap this week with a grueling 7-6, 7-5 against yours truly. I would also like to point out that I lost to Ryan Losey 7-6, 7-6 last Sunday. Not nice. : )

All kidding about LOSING CLOSE MATCHES aside, I do want to point out one quirky ‘rule’ on the Challenge Ladder. As long as you are in range of one another (6 above, 4 below) When the Challenge is Issued, then the match counts, even if things change on the ladder before you actually play. So for instance, someone (lets call him Frank) could be 6 below me when he issues a challenge to me, and then Frank in the meantime loses to someone 6 below him (call her Julie). Then, Frank and I play and he beats me. He DOES take my spot even though he is now 7 below me (Julie replaced him). He replaces me because when we challenged, he was in range. What you cannot do is INITIALLY challenge someone or be challenged by someone out of range  (its why its important to pay attention to the Standings when you issue/receive a challenge.) It can be frustrating too because someone you Just beat might the next day beat someone above you and yep, they rise above you, even though you just double destroyed them! Its Challenge Ladder MADNESS!

Its also perfectly fine to play with someone totally out of your range. We call that a Friendly.

Thanks again for participating this summer and helping keep Tennis 4 All going!

-Commish Long Legs



Changes at the Top!

As we near the end of June, an update:

This week saw some excellent weather and…some dynamic movement on the ladder!

Gino Galutera and Tom Walsh are now assuming the #1 and #2 rungs respectively: well done, gentlemen.

Ryan Losey and Alex Vena also made pretty big leaps this week…and some week 1 revenge today from yours truly on Mr O’Cleirigh. The JP rivalry is REAL. And far from over.

We also have a new leader on the Points Ladder, Victor Hart. Nice work getting out there Victor!

We had a new member to the ladder added just today and yes, please let any friends know that they can still join any time during the summer.

Weather looks good later in the week. Challenge away!

Be well.



Have a little Hart!

Greetings Tennis Ladder 2020

just a little update after week one to let you know that Mr Victor Hart sits alone in the Points Column, with Mr Meneccheti and Mr Krasikov directly below: well done Gentlemen.

looks like the most nail biting match happened this week between Mr Krasikov and Mr Wood, a 10-8 tie breaker sealed the deal for Mr Krasikov. Well done, Roman.

Early part of the week looks good so let’s get out there and WERK!


Andreescu! Nadal! Legendre!

Well folks, the 2019 US Open and Summer Challenge Ladder have officially come to a close.

Congrats to Bianca, to Rafa and…perched still at the top of the ladder… is newcomer Jeff Legendre. Well done,  Jeff. You could not be shook. While it will most likely not be 3.8 million dollars, we hope you enjoy your well deserved gift.

On the ‘Points Ladder’, First and Second gift prizes will also be award to Scott Enos with 57 points and to newcomer Meng Kang with 49 points for. Way to challenge and be challenged out there, guys!

A prize for the biggest ascension of the summer will be given to Roman Krasikov. Fine work out there, Roman. I’m only sorry we never got to battle this year.

Thanks for the great participation this summer everyone. Certainly our biggest cohort in many years. Let’s keep it going and grow even higher next summer.

this is your Rung Master, signing out…



Movement near the Top!

We are almost midway thru August and things are heating up on the Challenge Ladder.

It is almost too hot to hold on! But don’t let go. There is more summer and more matches to be played !

In the wacky world of the ladder, Cliff C. actually defeated Meng K. but due to the timing of that win and subsequent wins by Meng, he is still ahead of Cliff C. Wacky I tell ya!

Speaking of Cliff C….the fans had to get out their Cliffs Notes and a couple of Clif Bars to boot the other day to watch the battle of the Cliffs! Gibbons took down Chuang in a true Cliff-hanger (stolen from Steve Menechetti, I’ll admit) I smell another match in the near future.

Mr Enos sits high at the top of the points ladder. Mr Pollock or Mr Kang are both in position to catch up with a few more challenges and wins! But no doubt Mr Enos will continue to take to the court as well. Could be a real nail biter! #manisandpedis

The weather is pretty gorge. Get out there and drink it up people! The ladder can handle it!

Also, I beat my brother once. He beat me again so we are at 2-1 him with one more Slam to go. If I can take it, we will have to play a 5th match for the Trophy.

-Doug of the Long Legs

Warming Up for the Open!

Hello Out There!

We have had some brutally hot days.

But now the weather is beautiful, as we all begin our preparation for the US Open Series.

There is movement on the ladder:

Sam, Roman and Meng have all moved up several rungs on the Challenge Ladder. Congrats to you guys.

How far can they go? And can anyone stop Novak? These are the question the world is asking.

Some of you may recall that my big brother David and I have a summer ‘Slam’ rivalry of our own. I must report that he took the first Slam, 6-3, 7-5….so it was close, and I think I know what I need to do to reclaim the trophy. Slam 2 will be tomorrow out on Block Island.

Its good to see so many active players on the ladder. Lets keep it going.

August awaits. On the way to Flushing Meadows










Strawberries and Cream

Its all heating up at the All-England Club…Serena and Halep…could be a classic…will Rafa take Fed down tomorrow or will the mighty Roger reassert himself? Can anyone stop the Djoker? Could that person be Bautista-Agut? he has beaten Novak before. But on this kind of stage?

Here on the Summer Challenge Ladder, Mr Wood is making his way up the rungs…can he take it all the way to the top where the mighty Legendre remains top dog?

A fascinating score from the Chuang-Surla-Vargas match: two lopsided sets for each player and then a tight tie-breaker. Tennis can be wacky.

And the 3 point-makers at the top continue to battle it out, with Jeremy and Scott continuing to just constantly play tennis. I am in awe.

On a slightly more serious note, I am including here a link to the code of conduct for Tennis 4all which the Challenge Ladder abides by. Please review and please always let me know if you feel like the principles stated within this link are not being upheld by an opponent. I will always keep your communications anonymous but I do want to hear from you.

A healthy sense of competition should always be present out there on the court sure, but this league is all about providing fun, safe, collegial spaces where friendships might emerge and mutual respect is the way.

Here it is:

Have fun out there.

and for me personally I gotta say…VAMOS RAFA!