Saturday Approacheth! Also, Pronouns.

Greetings Tennis4All Summer Challenge Ladder Tennis Community!

This Saturday May 27th marks the beginning of official match competition. Not a bad idea to start setting those up if you have not done so yet. Take a look at the rules again if you’re not clear about who you can and cannot challenge.

Make sure the winner emails me with the results, and please include Who challenged who as that manifests in different points.

One thing I neglected to include in my initial invitation: if you would like to, please send me a quick message with your preferred pronouns, and also let me know if I have your consent to include those with your name on the ladder. If you would prefer not to do this, totally fine of course, just make sure when you and your opponent introduce yourselves to one another, that you include this information if it is important to you.

Thanks and for those of you with matches this weekend, Enjoy!

-Doug (he/him)

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