Reminder Rule

Hi Ladder!

Just wanted to remind everyone of one of the rules for the Challenge Ladder which is that when someone challenges, you have 2 weeks to try and make it work with them and if you cannot do that, it is a default win for the challenger. This is to ensure participation and movement on the ladder for everyone who is signed up.

It’s totally fine to say to them right off the bat, ‘I cannot play in tbe next 2 weeks so please take tbe default’

All that happens is that they replace you and you drop directly under them.

Happy 4th of July weekend and please let me know if you have any questions

Doug of night

July Grass

It’s Grass Season, folks.

As things heat up at the All-England club, over here at the Challenge Ladder, things are just as Hot.

And I do mean that literally. Today, Mr Gnani served yours truly a hot bagel in the first set over at the steamy Northeastern Courts (butter, no cream cheese!) and there was not much improvement for me in set 2. Nice one Alan!

The top 3 on the ladder remain the same: Mr Lee, Mr. Grosdidier and Mr Krasikov. Will anyone attempt to usurp any of these masters? When will Mr. Lee face his first challenger? These are the questions that keep me up at night!

Over on the Points ladder, it’s a tight 3-way race between Mr Wu, Mr Le and Mr Romm….these guys really got out there in the month of June but….can they keep it going in July? We shall see…

I had the pleasure of losing to Mr McDonough last week over at Newton South. Nice plentiful courts in great condition over there by the way, if you’ve got transport. Nice to meet you Mark!

Good luck to everyone at Wimbledon this week (Vamos Rafa!!) and good luck to everyone on the Summer Challenge Ladder 2022.

Remind any friends that its not too late if they would like to join! We always have room.

Yours on ice,

Doug, the ladder master, LongLegs

The Ladder has Begun!

As we all prepare for the grass court season leading up to Wimbledon, I have an update on the Summer Challenge Ladder:

We’ve had 17 total matches played this summer already, well done getting out there folks!

Mr Grosdidier has already risen to #2 on the ladder. He is #1 on the Points Ladder. Well done, John!

Scott Lee remains at the #1 rung…who will challenge him for the top spot? Will it be Mr Grosdidier or someone we don’t even suspect?

We’ve had several tie breaks, a few delicious bagels and even one default! Something for everyone!

I have also (recently) made a big mistake, giving one player credit for the win even though it was correctly communicated that the other player had won. So…make sure, even after you’ve submitted your scores, that it appears correctly on the web site. Because ya know what? I make mistakes.

Some lovely weather coming up this week: i look forward to receiving your scores and (hopefully) recording them correctly, lol

Now, lets go Celtics!

-The Ladder Master

Summer Challenge Ladder One Week Countdown!

The 2022 Summer Challenge Ladder commences one week from today, May 28th! So far, 26 players have signed up and for the low cost of $10, you too can take your spot and be on your way to fabulous prizes, not to mention FAME!

If right now feels too soon, please know that you can join anytime this summer: we will be happy to see you whenever you decide to play!

This week it is still ‘friendly matches’….starting next Sunday, the official challenges begin!

Please let me know if you have any questions.

-The Ladder Master (aka Doug Lockwood)



Summer Challenge Ladder at 18 and growing!

Hi Folks!

One week of registration and the Summer Challenge Ladder has 18 rungs filled so far. Please keep expanding the ladder by joining us for the low price of 10 dollars!

You can actually join at any time of the summer…but why wait? You MUST prep for Roland Garros!

Also a note to all, registration is on-going and you are welcome to ask other players to engage in what is called ‘a friendly’ match, but ‘official’ challenges/matches begin on May 28.

Let me know if you have questions about this or anything else pertaining to the rules and such.

That is all.





Ladder 22 Launching!

May is here Tennis people.

Isn’t it time you joined the ladder? Climb aboard!

$10 and a current membership and you are ON.

A few tiny nuances to the rules and regs.

read all about it here:

2022 Summer Challenge Ladder

Today was a beautiful day for tennis. I predict many more.

Let me know if you have questions.

I am The Ladder Master (aka Doug Lockwood)

2021 Summer Challenge Ladder Winners!

Here they are folks: the Winners of the 2021 Summer Challenge Ladder

Pictured are:

The Points Champion: Raúl García

2nd Place for Points AND Biggest Ladder Jump of the Season: Jason Wu

Overall Winner of the 2021 Summer Challenge Ladder: John Grosdidier

You too could be holding such hardware (or wooden clock, in the case of John) next season! See you then!



-…The Ladder Master….

Summer Ladder Winners 2021!

Greetings members of the 2021 Summer Challenge Ladder.

It is my honor and privilege to announce the winners of the 2021 Summer Challenge Ladder.

The Winner for the Biggest Mover is….Jason Wu!

Jason jumped from the 30th rung to a season-ending 11th rung for a 19 rung LEAP! Well done, Jason!

The Top Two on the Points Ladder are:

First Place: Raúl García with 81!!!

Second Place: Jason Wu with 69 (no comment)

Special kudos to Raúl for really getting out there and committing to TENNIS!

And now… the Winner of the Summer Challenge Ladder 2021 is…John Grosdidier!

The man from Kansas was in dominant form last Saturday despite my best efforts. Well done, John. The battle has just begun….

You will all be receiving fabulous prizes for your efforts.

Thank you all for your reporting, your patience, your playing, your resilience, your wit, your good cheer, your sweaty pits, and your beautiful smiles. I hope to see you again next summer here and on the courts of Boston and vicinity.
Until then….

The Ladder Master, over and out






Gorgeous Sunday! Congrats to Mr Wu and Mr. Chuang for getting wins on this beautiful day.

Just a reminder that This is the final week of the ladder, thru this Sunday, the 26th.

Mr. Grosdidier and I have one last tangle scheduled for this weekend. We were both asked to play for Laver Cup but felt this match was more important.  #priorities

Mr García and Mr. Wu are pretty much uncatchable over on the Point Ladder. Well done this summer, guys!

Remember that fantastic prizes will be given to the Two Top Point Accumulators, the Player who made the largest ascension during the Summer, and of course, the Top Player on the Ladder itself.

There is so much riding on this week, it’s almost too much.

Have a terrific week everyone!

-The Ladder Master…

Ladder Home Stretch!

Greetings Ladder People.

In NYC, Ms. Fernandez just keeps going… and so do we!

We are entering the last few weeks of our Summer Challenge Ladder (season ends Sept. 26) and there is a new leader atop the ladder…ME!

Third times the charm they say and well, it proved to be true this time anyway, as I finally got the better of Mr Grosdidier in a third set tie breaker this past weekend. I expect we will play one more time to end the season…Nearby, Mr. Enos also was victorious in a super tie! Well done, great Scott and Mr Hwa for taking it to the tie!

Mr Roda continues to rise and rise….great playing Mr Roda!

Mr García and Mr Wu continue to impress atop the ‘Points’ Ladder although watch out Mr Wu…Mr. Enos is not too far behind.

Some gorgeous weather out there. Play on!

-The Ladder Master