Summer Challenge Ladder: One Week Away from Match Play!


The 2024 Tennis 4 All Summer Challenge Ladder is One Week Away from Official Match Play.

We have 25 players signed up now and there is plenty of Room for You! The ladder extends infinitely!

For the mere registration fee of $10, a fun summer of challenging tennis can be yours!

Or, a challenging summer of fun tennis can be yours.

Here is the link to sign up. Do it. Click it. Love it.

2024 Challenge Ladder

(you can join the ladder anytime, truth be told, but….do it now. You know you want to…)



20 and Counting: Join the Challenge Ladder Today!

I’m pleased to report that we have 20 folks balanced on the 2024 Summer Challenge Ladder.

There is still room for you! (in fact, you can join anytime)

Official matches can begin starting May 25.

For the tiny fee of $10, a summer of tennis is yours!

Here is the link

2024 Challenge Ladder

I am Doug

16 and Counting: The Ladder is Growing….

Greetings Tennis4All Community!

After one week of registration, I am happy to announce that the Summer Challenge Ladder has 16 contestants already.

We’d love you to join too!

For the mere registration fee of $10, you can enjoy the game of tennis and meet some wonderful folks to boot!

Here once again is the link which includes registration info and the Rules.

2024 Challenge Ladder

Please let me know if you have any questions

Match play officially can begin any time from May 25th on….

In the meantime, you are allowed to ask if anyone would like to play ‘a friendly’ (I know I am!)

Yours from the Tower,



Kiss Me Kate at Club Café!

HI folks!

Thanks to all of you who were able to come see ‘Three Sisters’, I really appreciate the support.

Now for something completely different.

I am singing.

I am part of Actors’ Shakespeare Project here in Boston (some of you came to see me in ‘As You Like It’ last June) and we are doing a Fund-Raiser concert of the songs from ‘Kiss Me Kate’ at Club Café in the South End on MOnday April 8th.

It will be a combination of actors from the company like myself AND musical theatre actors from Boston. Should be tons of fun. Our season began with ‘Taming of the Shrew’ so this is a bookend to that production too.

Here is a blurb with more info about the show and then the link to tickets if you are interested, thank you!

Time to “Brush Up Your Shakespeare” and fall “So In Love” with the Tony Award-winning musical that captured the hearts of musical megafans and Bard aficionados alike!

Join us at Club Cafe on April 8th for a night of revelry, refreshment, and rhapsody. Hosted by ASP Resident Artist Company members and Boston theatre power couple Paula Plum and Richard Snee, this evening will take a look back at some of the best (and sometimes most problematic) Cole Porter tunes from this rollicking and romantic adaptation of The Taming of the Shrew.

An all-star studded lineup of ASP RAC members and Boston’s brightest musical theatre stars will be announced soon.

Tickets to this one-night-only event at $75 and VERY LIMITED — be sure to book your seats expeditiously, as these tickets might be “Too Darn Hot!”

Hope to see you there!



Hello Tennis Friends.

I am directing this wonderful play, Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov, over at The Boston Conservatory at Berklee. We open next Thursday the 29th of February for 4 performances only. Come support live theatre and enjoy spending an evening with the Sisters!

Click here to see all the info.

Hope to see you there!


The Ladder Master

Three Sisters!

Greetings Tennis 4 All Community!

While most of my missives come in the form summoning you to the Summer Challenge Ladder, this time I am writing to summon you…to the theatre!

I am directing a play at The Boston Conservatory at Berklee (where I teach) called ‘Three Sisters’ by Anton Chekhov. We have only 4 performances and I’d love to get butts in seats! Chekhov can sometimes be a drag but I assure you this production will be laced with comedy. Laced!

here is the link for info/tickets. The venue is on Hemenway St over by the Fens….and there is a great pub across the street called Woodys if you’re looking to enjoy some pre-Chekhov beer and pizza!

Let me know if you have any questions (



2023 Summer Challenge Ladder Prize-Winners Announced!

I am pleased to announce the winners of the 2023 Tennis4All Summer Challenge Ladder, all of whom will be receiving fabulous prizes in the mail.

Drum Roll please….

With 48 total players on this year’s ladder, with a total of 107 matches played….still, there could be only one person on top. I give you…this year’s overall winner:

#1 Player: Ryan Losey

Once he secured that top spot, Ryan would not relinquish!  Well done Mr. Losey!

But there’s more!

Over on the Points Ladder, 2 players rose up. Though they never faced one another, these 2 played more tennis matches out in the summer weather than anyone else.

Most Points: Doug Lockwood- 49

Second Most Points: Conroy Jackson- 47

I don’t know who the heck that first guy is but congratulations Conroy, you rock.

But wait!  There’s one more Prize! For the person who made the biggest jump in the rankings from the beginning of the season to the end and that person is….

Bill Lamberson- 9 rungs up! 

Great job Bill!

Thanks to all who participated. I hope to see you AND some more tennis4all friends in Summer of 2024.

Until then,




The Last Week is NOW!


This is it folks, the last week of the 2023 Tennis4All singles Challenge Ladder. Sunday the 24th is the final day to officially compete and werk your way up!

Will anyone unseat the Losey?

Will Alan Gnani, my main foil and nemesis (yes, he beat me AGAIN after I won the first set. i’m NOT BITTER!!!)….will he catch one of the top 2 spots on the points ladder to win a prize? If I am one of the top 2 on the points ladder, what will I give myself?

And who, just who. will win a prize for making the largest leap from summer’s beginning to summer’s end?

So many questions to be answered. Frankly, it’s exhausting to even ponder. I’ll be back here mid-week next week with the answers…..

Until then, play tennis IN THE RAIN! (actually thru Saturday it looks allright)

-Doug of the legs which are long

The End is Nigh!

Hello Tennis Ladder Combatants!

The end of the tennis ladder season is nigh. September 24th is the last day of official competition.

Things were a little quiet this Labor Day weekend but there was one battle on Monday that must be reported, as Jason Wu defeated Tom Walsh in a super close 7-5, 7-6 battle in the Heat!

Previous to that loss, Tom Walsh had a clutch 10-8 third set tie break win over Roman Krasikov. Roman then defeated yours truly the next day. I’m not happy about it.

Conroy Jackson also pulled thru recently with a third set 10-7 tie break win over Aron Chuc.

With only a few weeks to go, a few questions remain….will anyone take down the Mr. Losey? Will Sarah seek revenge for the top spot or will Alan Tang make a late season challenge? You could cut the tension with a knife!

Over on the points ladder, despite my recent LOSING streak, I am somehow atop the standings with Conroy and Alan Gnani right below. Remember that the top 2 on the points ladder receive prizes. Awkward.

There will also be a prize for whoever has made the biggest jump from where they were at the start of the standings to the end of the league but I’ll leave that a mystery for now.

Hopefully the heat will break soon and we can all get out there and play these last few weeks. Along with my friend, and the first person I defeated at the start of the summer, Carlos Alcaraz.

Until next time….