Summer Challenge Ladder is on FIRE!

Greetings Ladder Participants!

I have been remiss in my sassy updates.

Deal with it.

It’s hot out there. Please hydrate.

As the Wimbledon tournament progresses with some new names, we have some new names on the local front as well: shout out to Ian Wang who is BOUNDING up the ladder in recent weeks, taking over the Points ladder with 19 total points (yours truly holds on to second place in a tie with Steve Goldman); Ian is also ascending up the Competition Ladder…how far can he go? All the way to the top? Only time will tell.

On the Competition Ladder, Alan Tang sits up there at the #1 rung, with newbie James Holden one rung of revenge below…Roman Krasikov can be heard in 3rd place, ready to POUNCE! I look forward to seeing how the top of the ladder might continue to shake in the next few weeks.

Please make sure you check that I’ve updated scores/points/placements correctly, as I am prone to error in these summer months.

Be safe out there in the heat. Play early or play late! And if you come across any outdoor courts you find especially beautiful and possibly uncrowded, please let me know and I can include that in the next post!

Beware of summer camps during the week now. #kids

Thanks all. Keep challenging, Keep moving. Don’t forget to floss.


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