The Last Week is NOW!


This is it folks, the last week of the 2023 Tennis4All singles Challenge Ladder. Sunday the 24th is the final day to officially compete and werk your way up!

Will anyone unseat the Losey?

Will Alan Gnani, my main foil and nemesis (yes, he beat me AGAIN after I won the first set. i’m NOT BITTER!!!)….will he catch one of the top 2 spots on the points ladder to win a prize? If I am one of the top 2 on the points ladder, what will I give myself?

And who, just who. will win a prize for making the largest leap from summer’s beginning to summer’s end?

So many questions to be answered. Frankly, it’s exhausting to even ponder. I’ll be back here mid-week next week with the answers…..

Until then, play tennis IN THE RAIN! (actually thru Saturday it looks allright)

-Doug of the legs which are long

The End is Nigh!

Hello Tennis Ladder Combatants!

The end of the tennis ladder season is nigh. September 24th is the last day of official competition.

Things were a little quiet this Labor Day weekend but there was one battle on Monday that must be reported, as Jason Wu defeated Tom Walsh in a super close 7-5, 7-6 battle in the Heat!

Previous to that loss, Tom Walsh had a clutch 10-8 third set tie break win over Roman Krasikov. Roman then defeated yours truly the next day. I’m not happy about it.

Conroy Jackson also pulled thru recently with a third set 10-7 tie break win over Aron Chuc.

With only a few weeks to go, a few questions remain….will anyone take down the Mr. Losey? Will Sarah seek revenge for the top spot or will Alan Tang make a late season challenge? You could cut the tension with a knife!

Over on the points ladder, despite my recent LOSING streak, I am somehow atop the standings with Conroy and Alan Gnani right below. Remember that the top 2 on the points ladder receive prizes. Awkward.

There will also be a prize for whoever has made the biggest jump from where they were at the start of the standings to the end of the league but I’ll leave that a mystery for now.

Hopefully the heat will break soon and we can all get out there and play these last few weeks. Along with my friend, and the first person I defeated at the start of the summer, Carlos Alcaraz.

Until next time….


New Leader on Top!

Greetings robust August challengers!

I have a very important update.

There is a new leader on top of the Summer Ladder and his name… is Ryan Losey! On the first day of August he challenged and defeated Sarah Evenson, who had been at #1 all summer. Congrats on your long reign, Sarah, and congrats Ryan, to you and your team, on being #1. I hope you enjoy the view…while it lasts…. : )

Remember, we play through September 24 so there is still lots of time for DRAMA!

Top 3 now reads: #1 Ryan Losey #2 Sarah Evenson #3 Alan Tang

Will Sarah seek revenge?

Will Alan reach up in an attempt to take the top spot?

Will Carlos Alcaraz re-join the ladder?

Anything could happen.

Over on the points ladder, Conroy Jackson remains in the top spot with yours truly gaining traction in the #2 position. Pengcheng Wu is right beneath me and my position feels tenuous at best. Nice job Pengcheng.  I can feel your fingers right at my sneakers!

Enjoy the tennis. Enjoy the US Open Series. Play on

-Doug of the longlegs


August Approacheth!

Greetings fellow Ladder Climbers!

July is winding down and things on the Challeng Ladder are continuing to heat up.

The weather looks spectacular this weeks so get out there and play tennis!

Sarah Evenson continues to maintain her spot at #1 though she’s only been tested ONCE this season! Who will take her on next? Maybe soon it will be me? I see you Sarah.

Jason Wu, Ryan Losey, Mark McDonough and Ming Che round out our top 5. Others are lurking directly below though….look out top 5! We are coming after YOU!

Over on the points ladder, well done to Conroy Jackson who is the leader by more than 10 points with 37: the Conroy Caravan!

Tied for second are myself and Pengcheng Wu with 26 points each. Bill Lamberson and Alan Gnani are ties for 3rd with 20 points apiece. Great work getting out there everyone!

Please let any friends who may be interested know that believe it or not they can STILL join the ladder! We go thru most of September!

Please remember to let me know too if you have any vacation time where you need to be ‘frozen’ for a spell. I will have one of those coming up myself the week after this.

The US Open series begins soon: be ready be inspired, be the ladder!




Ladder Update: A Month-Ish In!

Greetings Summer Challenge Ladder Competitors!

We are nearly one month in to the 2023 Tennis 4 All Summer Challenge Ladder and things are certainly heating up! 23 Matches have been played. The fans are going wild!

Happy to report we are 46 players-strong overall. Please let friends know they are still welcome to join. There is always room on the ladder. Would love to get to 50!

Newcomer Sarah Evenson remains on top of the Overall Standings, backing it up with a victory over newcomer Jared Sawyer.  Nice job, Sarah!

Speaking of Jared Sawyer, he had a huge win yesterday over the ever-tenacious Alan Gnani, moving him way on up to #5 in the rankings: well done, Jared!

Over on the Points Ladder, Scott Enos finds himself in a familiar place at #1 with 13 total points….Steve Sage and newcomer Bill Lamberson are right behind him with 12 points each. Great work all 3 of you getting out there to play lots of tennis!

The weather has been a bit unpredictable but this week looks pretty good as we all prepare for Wimbledon.

Don’t forget about the pot luck this Saturday, hosted by the ladder’s own Dan Chak. Contact him if you need info:      Thanks for doing that, Dan!

I’ll be unable to attend as I’m performing in a matinee of Shakespeare’s ‘As You Like It’ which is entering its final week over at the Balch Arena at Tufts. This is not a museum-piece of Shakespeare hoity-toity nonsense but rather, a highly Queer production for our Times. Come check it out if you are interested! I’m the Fool.

Buy Tickets!

Otherwise, I’ll see you out on the courts!






Saturday Approacheth! Also, Pronouns.

Greetings Tennis4All Summer Challenge Ladder Tennis Community!

This Saturday May 27th marks the beginning of official match competition. Not a bad idea to start setting those up if you have not done so yet. Take a look at the rules again if you’re not clear about who you can and cannot challenge.

Make sure the winner emails me with the results, and please include Who challenged who as that manifests in different points.

One thing I neglected to include in my initial invitation: if you would like to, please send me a quick message with your preferred pronouns, and also let me know if I have your consent to include those with your name on the ladder. If you would prefer not to do this, totally fine of course, just make sure when you and your opponent introduce yourselves to one another, that you include this information if it is important to you.

Thanks and for those of you with matches this weekend, Enjoy!

-Doug (he/him)

Winners of the 2022 Summer Challenge Ladder!

Good day.

Thank you for another excellent summer of tennis and bitchiness. I loved it.

Here are the Winners of the 2022 Summer Challenge Ladder….

End of Season #1 Player: Scott Lee (living up to his 4.5 status, Scott Lee simply could not be touched)

TOP 2 Players for Point Accumulation: Jason Wu (101) and Marnin Romm (98) (exhausting)

Highest Climber from Starting Position to Final Position: Thomas Le  (from 29 t0 9!)

Congrats to the winners and everyone who participated this year. You will all be receiving glorious prizes in the mail.

Hope to see you all on the ladder next year.

-The Ladder Master is….out!


Final Week until the ladder COLLAPSES!

Greetings from a Sunday night Long Legs

One week from tonight, the Ladder shall close.

Our leaders on the Match Ladder are: Scott Lee, Ian Shank and Terry Epps at 1, 2 and 3 respectively.

Will anyone sneak up on these three for a place at the top of the ladder?

Our leaders on the Points Ladder are: Jason Wu at 101 and Marnin Romm at 98. I don’t believe they can be caught.

One more week. What chaos can you bring down on the ladder? Whom can you usurp?

I will tell the final story one  week from tonight.

When the ladder Collapses.

-the ladder master has spoken

September is It!

Greetings Summer Challenge Ladder!

We are in the final month now. September 25 is the last day of the summer Challenge Ladder. After that, the ladder disappears. Into thin air.

The US Open is happening, sure, I get it….but will anyone usurp Scott Lee from atop the Challenge Ladder? Well done, Scott. You remain ensconced up there. Ensconced.

Congrats to Terry Epps, who recently took over 2nd place on the ladder. Huge!

Special kudos to both Alan Gnani and Ian Shank who, on separate days and not against one another, played 2 matches in one day. I simply do not understand this feat but it was achieved by both of them. And this summer has been hot as….

On the points ladder, Jason Wu has just entered the 90s. Well done, Mr. Wu. Marnin Romm  is not far behind. The top 2 on the points ladder will receive spectacular prizes. Can anyone catch these guys? I think not.

I have removed myself from the ladder as a player as I am dealing with a left leg injury. Feeling optimistic now about playing in the Fall singles league but I’ve had a pretty awful time with sciatica and other left leg woes that are too boring to speak of,  so thought it best to take time off, lots of stretching and walking and just, ya know, watching the US Open.

But I am still here to record all of your matches and make the occasional catty report.

Enjoy the September temps!

Your ladder master…ensconced in all kinds of things…



Well, well, well….some spicy news to report.

We have a new 4.5 arrival on the ladder this week in the form of one Ian Shank. Welcome aboard, Ian. There is only one other 4.5 on the ladder and that player sits on top. Will Ian make his way up for a 4.5 showdown with Mr. Lee? We shall see….there are some very talented 4.0s who might have something to say about it….

Speaking of making his way up, Mr. Mark McDonough defeated Mr. Terry Epps this past brutally hot weekend over at Tufts and took over the #3 spot. Well done, Mark:  only two players ahead of you now!

As Mark and Terry began to warm up, I was being soundly defeated by Mr. Alan Gnani. It has been 2 substantial losses to Mr Gnani this summer, and despite the fact that he’s just a super nice guy, I am FURIOUS!

On the points ladder, Mr. Jason Wu and Mr. Marnin Romm are starting to run away with things, entering the 70s now. You guys are astonishing!

Remember, fabulous prizes will be awarded to the top 2 on the points ladder, the number 1 of the challenge ladder itself and 1 prize for whomever rose the highest from beginning to end of summer. Hopefully, I have kept track of that….I totally have.

This weekend doesn’t look quite so brutal on the humidity-side of things. I look forward to reading about your scores from Block Island, where I will be competing in the Lockwood Family Olympics.

yours sincerely,

The Ladder Master