Ladder Update: A Month-Ish In!

Greetings Summer Challenge Ladder Competitors!

We are nearly one month in to the 2023 Tennis 4 All Summer Challenge Ladder and things are certainly heating up! 23 Matches have been played. The fans are going wild!

Happy to report we are 46 players-strong overall. Please let friends know they are still welcome to join. There is always room on the ladder. Would love to get to 50!

Newcomer Sarah Evenson remains on top of the Overall Standings, backing it up with a victory over newcomer Jared Sawyer.  Nice job, Sarah!

Speaking of Jared Sawyer, he had a huge win yesterday over the ever-tenacious Alan Gnani, moving him way on up to #5 in the rankings: well done, Jared!

Over on the Points Ladder, Scott Enos finds himself in a familiar place at #1 with 13 total points….Steve Sage and newcomer Bill Lamberson are right behind him with 12 points each. Great work all 3 of you getting out there to play lots of tennis!

The weather has been a bit unpredictable but this week looks pretty good as we all prepare for Wimbledon.

Don’t forget about the pot luck this Saturday, hosted by the ladder’s own Dan Chak. Contact him if you need info:      Thanks for doing that, Dan!

I’ll be unable to attend as I’m performing in a matinee of Shakespeare’s ‘As You Like It’ which is entering its final week over at the Balch Arena at Tufts. This is not a museum-piece of Shakespeare hoity-toity nonsense but rather, a highly Queer production for our Times. Come check it out if you are interested! I’m the Fool.

Buy Tickets!

Otherwise, I’ll see you out on the courts!






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