August Approacheth!

Greetings fellow Ladder Climbers!

July is winding down and things on the Challeng Ladder are continuing to heat up.

The weather looks spectacular this weeks so get out there and play tennis!

Sarah Evenson continues to maintain her spot at #1 though she’s only been tested ONCE this season! Who will take her on next? Maybe soon it will be me? I see you Sarah.

Jason Wu, Ryan Losey, Mark McDonough and Ming Che round out our top 5. Others are lurking directly below though….look out top 5! We are coming after YOU!

Over on the points ladder, well done to Conroy Jackson who is the leader by more than 10 points with 37: the Conroy Caravan!

Tied for second are myself and Pengcheng Wu with 26 points each. Bill Lamberson and Alan Gnani are ties for 3rd with 20 points apiece. Great work getting out there everyone!

Please let any friends who may be interested know that believe it or not they can STILL join the ladder! We go thru most of September!

Please remember to let me know too if you have any vacation time where you need to be ‘frozen’ for a spell. I will have one of those coming up myself the week after this.

The US Open series begins soon: be ready be inspired, be the ladder!




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