The Last Week is NOW!


This is it folks, the last week of the 2023 Tennis4All singles Challenge Ladder. Sunday the 24th is the final day to officially compete and werk your way up!

Will anyone unseat the Losey?

Will Alan Gnani, my main foil and nemesis (yes, he beat me AGAIN after I won the first set. i’m NOT BITTER!!!)….will he catch one of the top 2 spots on the points ladder to win a prize? If I am one of the top 2 on the points ladder, what will I give myself?

And who, just who. will win a prize for making the largest leap from summer’s beginning to summer’s end?

So many questions to be answered. Frankly, it’s exhausting to even ponder. I’ll be back here mid-week next week with the answers…..

Until then, play tennis IN THE RAIN! (actually thru Saturday it looks allright)

-Doug of the legs which are long

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