The Ladder has Begun!

As we all prepare for the grass court season leading up to Wimbledon, I have an update on the Summer Challenge Ladder:

We’ve had 17 total matches played this summer already, well done getting out there folks!

Mr Grosdidier has already risen to #2 on the ladder. He is #1 on the Points Ladder. Well done, John!

Scott Lee remains at the #1 rung…who will challenge him for the top spot? Will it be Mr Grosdidier or someone we don’t even suspect?

We’ve had several tie breaks, a few delicious bagels and even one default! Something for everyone!

I have also (recently) made a big mistake, giving one player credit for the win even though it was correctly communicated that the other player had won. So…make sure, even after you’ve submitted your scores, that it appears correctly on the web site. Because ya know what? I make mistakes.

Some lovely weather coming up this week: i look forward to receiving your scores and (hopefully) recording them correctly, lol

Now, lets go Celtics!

-The Ladder Master

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