July Grass

It’s Grass Season, folks.

As things heat up at the All-England club, over here at the Challenge Ladder, things are just as Hot.

And I do mean that literally. Today, Mr Gnani served yours truly a hot bagel in the first set over at the steamy Northeastern Courts (butter, no cream cheese!) and there was not much improvement for me in set 2. Nice one Alan!

The top 3 on the ladder remain the same: Mr Lee, Mr. Grosdidier and Mr Krasikov. Will anyone attempt to usurp any of these masters? When will Mr. Lee face his first challenger? These are the questions that keep me up at night!

Over on the Points ladder, it’s a tight 3-way race between Mr Wu, Mr Le and Mr Romm….these guys really got out there in the month of June but….can they keep it going in July? We shall see…

I had the pleasure of losing to Mr McDonough last week over at Newton South. Nice plentiful courts in great condition over there by the way, if you’ve got transport. Nice to meet you Mark!

Good luck to everyone at Wimbledon this week (Vamos Rafa!!) and good luck to everyone on the Summer Challenge Ladder 2022.

Remind any friends that its not too late if they would like to join! We always have room.

Yours on ice,

Doug, the ladder master, LongLegs

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