The Ladder is Hot!

Your ladder master is impressed.

Despite scorching local temps, you continue to get out there and play tennis.

I got off the plane tonight coming home from Oakland and was overwhelmed by the wall of humidity.

But not you. The summer challenge ladder players cannot be stopped.

Mr. Wu, Mr. Romm and Mr. Le continue to battle it out on the Points ladder, all of them have entered the 50s, very well done to them!

Mr. Romm also continues to ascend the Ladder itself…some very impressive wins of late. Mr Jackson and Mr Smith are also putting together some nice victories of late. How high can they soar?

Mr. Lujares and Mr. Wu have had two EPIC matches already this season, both won by Mr. Lujares…perhaps third time’s the charm for Mr. Wu?

Mr. Lee continues to Lead the ladder in the #1 position, thwarting the valiant efforts of Mr. Epps most recently…(who now has a hold on the #3 spot, by the way.) Can anyone melt this man’s game down?

Keep hydrating. Keep reporting. Keep making sure I’m getting the scores and shit right.

-Ladder Master Lockwood


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