September is It!

Greetings Summer Challenge Ladder!

We are in the final month now. September 25 is the last day of the summer Challenge Ladder. After that, the ladder disappears. Into thin air.

The US Open is happening, sure, I get it….but will anyone usurp Scott Lee from atop the Challenge Ladder? Well done, Scott. You remain ensconced up there. Ensconced.

Congrats to Terry Epps, who recently took over 2nd place on the ladder. Huge!

Special kudos to both Alan Gnani and Ian Shank who, on separate days and not against one another, played 2 matches in one day. I simply do not understand this feat but it was achieved by both of them. And this summer has been hot as….

On the points ladder, Jason Wu has just entered the 90s. Well done, Mr. Wu. Marnin Romm  is not far behind. The top 2 on the points ladder will receive spectacular prizes. Can anyone catch these guys? I think not.

I have removed myself from the ladder as a player as I am dealing with a left leg injury. Feeling optimistic now about playing in the Fall singles league but I’ve had a pretty awful time with sciatica and other left leg woes that are too boring to speak of,  so thought it best to take time off, lots of stretching and walking and just, ya know, watching the US Open.

But I am still here to record all of your matches and make the occasional catty report.

Enjoy the September temps!

Your ladder master…ensconced in all kinds of things…


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