Movement near the Top!

We are almost midway thru August and things are heating up on the Challenge Ladder.

It is almost too hot to hold on! But don’t let go. There is more summer and more matches to be played !

In the wacky world of the ladder, Cliff C. actually defeated Meng K. but due to the timing of that win and subsequent wins by Meng, he is still ahead of Cliff C. Wacky I tell ya!

Speaking of Cliff C….the fans had to get out their Cliffs Notes and a couple of Clif Bars to boot the other day to watch the battle of the Cliffs! Gibbons took down Chuang in a true Cliff-hanger (stolen from Steve Menechetti, I’ll admit) I smell another match in the near future.

Mr Enos sits high at the top of the points ladder. Mr Pollock or Mr Kang are both in position to catch up with a few more challenges and wins! But no doubt Mr Enos will continue to take to the court as well. Could be a real nail biter! #manisandpedis

The weather is pretty gorge. Get out there and drink it up people! The ladder can handle it!

Also, I beat my brother once. He beat me again so we are at 2-1 him with one more Slam to go. If I can take it, we will have to play a 5th match for the Trophy.

-Doug of the Long Legs

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