Tennis4All Membership Renewal Reminder

Hi Tennis4All members!

For those who have already renewed their membership prior to the June 1st date, thank you!!!

This is just a reminder for those who have not renewed your membership. The 2021-2022 season is ending soon; renew now to make sure you don’t miss out!

Folks who decide not to renew can still log into the Tennis4All website, but you will no longer have access to members-only pages…such as member directory, summer doubles and challenge ladder, and exclusive member discounts.

This is also a reminder that if you signed up for the summer challenge ladder you must renew your membership as well…don’t make me hunt you down!

So what are you waiting for? Log into the website, click on membership and for just $35 you’re good for another year!


Kyle Poyar

Membership Director


Summer Challenge Ladder at 18 and growing!

Hi Folks!

One week of registration and the Summer Challenge Ladder has 18 rungs filled so far. Please keep expanding the ladder by joining us for the low price of 10 dollars!

You can actually join at any time of the summer…but why wait? You MUST prep for Roland Garros!

Also a note to all, registration is on-going and you are welcome to ask other players to engage in what is called ‘a friendly’ match, but ‘official’ challenges/matches begin on May 28.

Let me know if you have questions about this or anything else pertaining to the rules and such.

That is all.





Sign up for the May tennis social!

You’re invited!

  • When: Saturday, May 7, 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm
  • Where: Woburn Racquet Club
  • Cost: $25 for members; $40 for guests
  • Limit: 40 players


Come join us for a Saturday evening social on May 7.  You’ll play 2 hours of doubles, matched up with players of similar level and ability.  After tennis, pizza and drinks will be available.   We max out at 40 players (open to both members and guests), so sign up now!

Click here to sign up!

Ladder 22 Launching!

May is here Tennis people.

Isn’t it time you joined the ladder? Climb aboard!

$10 and a current membership and you are ON.

A few tiny nuances to the rules and regs.

read all about it here:

2022 Summer Challenge Ladder

Today was a beautiful day for tennis. I predict many more.

Let me know if you have questions.

I am The Ladder Master (aka Doug Lockwood)

Summer Doubles League Registration is LIVE


The Tennis4All Board is delighted to share with you the details of the Summer 2022 Doubles Season!

The details are as follows:

  • This season will consist of 12 weeks, from May 17 to August 9, 2022. There will not be any matches played on July 5.
  • All scheduled matches will be on Tuesdays from 7:00PM – 8:30PM at the Winchester Indoor Tennis Club.
  • Each team will be scheduled to play 10 matches.
  • We are maxed out at 36 participants or 18 teams. Should we reach capacity, we will have 3 divisions with 6 teams.
  • Registration is now open and will remain open until the earlier of (a) member capacity is reached or (b) Sunday, May 1, 2022.
  • We will be sending email reminders to our membership while registration is open. In advance, we ask for your patience and understanding regarding multiple emails; these reminders are vital to both reaching our capacity and keeping the league successful and competitive.
  • Every team will be allowed to request up to 1 Tuesday off, and we will do our absolute best to accommodate those requests.
  • On the website, you will be able to choose your doubles partner. If you don’t have a specific partner, that’s okay; we’ll try to match you up with someone at your level based on availability.

How to sign up:

  1. Join Tennis4All or RENEW your membership for $35 at You must have a 2022-2023 membership (which begins on June 1, 2022) to participate in the doubles league.  If you have further questions regarding membership, please email our Membership Director, Kyle Poyar, at  2021-2022 season memberships are not valid through the Summer 2022 Doubles Season, so please be sure to update your membership.
  2. Sign up for Summer Doubles for $145 at
  3. Complete the application.
  4. Submit payment.
  5. Please note that all three of the following must be successfully completed to be considered registered: (a) membership up-to-date; (b) application submitted; and (c) payment received.  If you have any questions/concerns REGARDING REGISTRATION, please reach out to Mike Dineen at

If you are experiencing a financial hardship that would prevent you from participating, please let us know.  We may be able to provide assistance.

As always, if you have any questions/concerns about anything other than registration, please let your Summer 2022 Doubles Season directors know.  This year they are as follows:


Harvard PRIDE Day THIS Saturday (4/16)

Hi Everyone,

Tennis4All is pleased to offer its members the opportunity to watch the Harvard vs. Princeton tennis match FOR FREE on Saturday, April 16th.  This is PRIDE day at Harvard, and after the Doubles matches at approximately 1:45 PM, Harvard will be honoring Tennis4All founder Dean Bauer.

BRING YOUR RACQUETS, because after the match, T4A members are welcome to play tennis on the Harvard Courts until 6pm (matches should end around 4).

Start Time of Match: 1pm

COST: Free. Food and drink costs $$$.

LOCATION : Beren Tennis Center. 65 North Harvard Street, Boston, MA 02134.

PARKING: Should be plenty of parking onsite.

SEATING: First come, first serve.

There will also be a bar and food for sale at the match.

We hope you can make it to this exciting event!  Please click here to sign up so that we have an approximate headcount.

Steve Menichetti

On behalf of the Tennis4all Board of Directos.