Hello Summer Challenge Ladder Warriors!

The battle for Points is getting very interesting with Mr Pollock rising high on the ladder to challenge Mr Surla-Vargas there, and some other folks are directly under him as well.

Mr Legendre continues to lead gracefully at the top of the Standings ladder. Can anyone take him down? What will it take? Mr Menechetti came close but alas…the ladder leader remains the same.

A reminder: when you challenge someone, make sure you are looking at the Standings and NOT the Points ladder to see who is 6 above or 4 below you. We had a little confusion about that. Sometimes of course you challenge someone, make a date to play etc and in the meantime they might move up or down on the ladder and be out of your official range: that is not a big deal and you should just proceed with the match.

Weekend weather looking pretty good! see you out there, on the courts of honor.

Also, (shameless self-promotion section of this announcement) we have only a week and a half left of “Pride and Prejudice” over at the Balch Auditorium on the Tufts Campus. Do come support your Rung Master here, playing Mr Wickham, Mr Collins and yes, Miss Bingley, in a new funkified adaptation of the great Jane Austen story. Here is the link with all the stink! https://www.actorsshakespeareproject.org/plays-events/pride-and-prejudice/



Vamos Enos!

This past week saw Rafa claim his 12th French Open, Ashleigh Barty receiving her first… and more importantly, the arrival of Scott Enos on the Summer Challenge Ladder, instantly ascending to the 2 spot on the Points ladder and jumping up several rungs on the positions ladder. Well done Scott!


The weather is gorgeous.

See you out there.

It is time to prepare… for Wimbledon.

Wiggle Waggle

Hello out there! The Summer Challenge ladder is off to a blistering start. As you will note in the score report, there was a Fierce battle between the #1 and #2 players…seems they both left it all out there.

Yours truly was heard wheezing on the court against an old foe…#cardio #bewarethelobsofcliff!

Jeremy continues to amass huge points. Will anyone catch him? The summer is long.

The ladder is also long.

Climb it.

Vamos Rafa