Storming Up the Ladder!

Greetings players.

It is I, the ladder master.

It has been a while.

We have a little more than a month left (Ladder season ends on September 26) so I thought I would send a few updates. While the pros do battle in Cincinnati, en route to the US Open….here things are just as spicy!

Mr. Grosdidier continues to sit atop the Ladder, although Mr. Chuang almost took him down earlier in August in a three set THRILLER! After taking the opening set, Mr. Chuang and Mr Grosdidier were neck and neck in set 2, with Mr Grosidider eeking it out 7-5. He then ran away with Set 3, 6-1, as the fans regained their breath. Well played, both of you.

Mr Cunha continues to ascend, finding himself now in the #7 spot. How far can he go? Time will tell.

On the Points Ladder, Mr. García continues to sit well out in front with a whopping 74 points. But remember, Spectacular Prizes are awarded to the top TWO players on the Points Ladder. Currently in the #2 spot sits Mr Wu with 44…with Mr. Hart close behind at 37 and Mr Cunha at 35. Play on, gentlemen!

I haven’t looked too closely yet on who has made the biggest ascension from the start of season to now (this person will also be awarded an incredible prize) but Mr Wu could be the front runner there, as he began at the #30 spot and now sits at #15, with more matches to play, no doubt.

Thanks for your continued reporting and yes, totally fine to play 10 game pro-sets if folks are waiting and if both players agree.

There is still time to shake things up. September is when things begin…to fall!

So, Vamos Rafa (?) and happy Mid-August to you all!


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