Ladder Home Stretch!

Greetings Ladder People.

In NYC, Ms. Fernandez just keeps going… and so do we!

We are entering the last few weeks of our Summer Challenge Ladder (season ends Sept. 26) and there is a new leader atop the ladder…ME!

Third times the charm they say and well, it proved to be true this time anyway, as I finally got the better of Mr Grosdidier in a third set tie breaker this past weekend. I expect we will play one more time to end the season…Nearby, Mr. Enos also was victorious in a super tie! Well done, great Scott and Mr Hwa for taking it to the tie!

Mr Roda continues to rise and rise….great playing Mr Roda!

Mr García and Mr Wu continue to impress atop the ‘Points’ Ladder although watch out Mr Wu…Mr. Enos is not too far behind.

Some gorgeous weather out there. Play on!

-The Ladder Master


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