Andreescu! Nadal! Legendre!

Well folks, the 2019 US Open and Summer Challenge Ladder have officially come to a close.

Congrats to Bianca, to Rafa and…perched still at the top of the ladder… is newcomer Jeff Legendre. Well done,  Jeff. You could not be shook. While it will most likely not be 3.8 million dollars, we hope you enjoy your well deserved gift.

On the ‘Points Ladder’, First and Second gift prizes will also be award to Scott Enos with 57 points and to newcomer Meng Kang with 49 points for. Way to challenge and be challenged out there, guys!

A prize for the biggest ascension of the summer will be given to Roman Krasikov. Fine work out there, Roman. I’m only sorry we never got to battle this year.

Thanks for the great participation this summer everyone. Certainly our biggest cohort in many years. Let’s keep it going and grow even higher next summer.

this is your Rung Master, signing out…



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