TENNIS CLINIC April 24th from 6-8 PM

Hi everyone,

We are so pleased to be offering an ALL levels (Beginners encouraged!!) tennis clinic at Sportsmen’s Tennis Club in Dorchester on Saturday, April 24th from 6-8 PM.  You will receive 2 hours of instruction.

Cost per participant = $65

If you are experiencing a financial hardship and cannot afford this event, please reach out.

This clinic is open to both members and non-members.

Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 pandemic, participants must leave the facility immediately after the end of the clinic.  Masks must be worn at all times.

Click here to sign up!

Thanks and we look forward to seeing you on the 24th!!

Steve Menichetti


Board of Directors

Tennis Clinic!

Hi Everyone,

The Tennis4All Board of Directors is pleased to announce a tennis clinic on Saturday, March 27th from 6-8 PM at Sportsmen’s Tennis Club in Dorchester.

The cost for this event is $60 per person and includes two hours of instruction.

ALL levels of play (including beginners) are welcome to attend the clinic.  No racquet? NO Problem!! Just let us know and we’ll bring extras 😉.

The link to the event is Here:

Upcoming Events

The event is open to the first 15 people who PAY and SIGN UP.

Masks will be required for the entire event.

Participants ONLY – No spectators unfortunately until COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

Looking forward to seeing you on the courts!

Steve Menichetti

Tennis4All Board of Directors

Sportsmen’s Tennis Club NEEDS your Help!!

Hi everyone!!

I hope that all of you had a nice holiday season and are safe and healthy.

Sportsmen’s Tennis and Enrichment Center is located in Dorchester, MA.  Sportsmen’s currently serves more than 5,000 young people and 1,000 adults annually.  They provide free programs for low-income families in the Blue Hill Corridor, which includes parts of Dorchester, Mattapan, Roxbury, Hyde Park, South Boston and Jamaica Plain.  94% are people of color, and 83% speak more than one language.

These neighborhoods have higher rates of chronic illnesses including diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and COVID-19, making their services vital.

Some tennis4all members (including yours truly) have donated towards the great work that Sportsmen’s is doing for our community.

If you are able, I hope that you’ll consider donating today.  Your gift today will help change the life of a young person.  Please mention that you are a member of tennis4all when you give.

The link to donate is:

Thanks and Happy New Year!! 2021 has GOT to be better!

Thank you,

Steve Menichetti

Tennis4all Boston Board of Directors

Reminder: Holiday tennis social this Sunday!

Join us for a Sugar/Spice, Naughty/Nice, Holiday Tennis Social

Looking for a (jolly) good reason to leave the house? Of course you are! Our members-only Tennis4All social is the perfect opportunity to put the sweatpants you’ve been wearing 24/7 to good use … for ACTUAL exercise!

Here are deets:

  • Where: Woburn Racquet Club
  • When: December 20th from 3-5pm
  • How Much: $25 bucks
  • How Many: 24 players max
  • Who: You
  • Sign-Up: Click here!

Don’t be naughty – if you sign up, SHOW UP, or at least be nice and let us know 24 hours in advance if you can’t make it. Also, please note we are following the Governor’s safety protocols, so doubles players MUST wear masks while playing.

Welcome to those who discovered Tennis4All through Facebook or Meetup! Please note: to play in the Sugar/Spice Naughty/Nice Social, you must register/pay via the Tennis4All website. A “like” or “interested” or “going” doesn’t cut it (hard truth for you, Mark Zuckerberg).

Non-members can join Tennis4All and then immediately sign up for the social.

Click here to sign-up.

See you there, Sugar!

LAST CHANCE to sign up for Winter/Spring Singles League!


I am delighted to share with you the details of the Winter/Spring 2021 Singles Season by Tennis4All. Secure your spot today!

The details are as follows:

  • This season will run from January 10, 2021 through May 2, 2021. There will two weeks with no scheduled matches (February 14 and April 4). All scheduled matches will be on Sundays at 6PM.
  • The cost will be $210 for the season.
  • Each participant will be scheduled to play at least 9 matches.
  • We are maxed out at 46 participants. We encourage participants to sign up as soon as possible.
  • Registration will open on Saturday, November 21 and will remain open until the earlier of (a) member capacity is reached or (b) Wednesday, December 2.
  • We will be sending a reminder email to our membership each day registration is open.  In advance, we ask for your patience and understanding regarding multiple emails; these reminders are vital to both reaching our capacity and keeping the league successful and competitive.
  • Everyone will be allowed to request up to 2 Sundays off, and we will do our absolute best to accommodate those requests.
  • We will be continuing this year’s COVID-19 safety procedures including a BYOB (bring your own balls) policy, and other steps to ensure social distancing.
  • Please note that Winchester Tennis Club has clear rules related to COVID-19 (temperate taken at the door, locker rooms closed, mask requirement in public spaces, no lingering in the lobby). These must be followed by all participants.

How to sign up:

  1. Go to the Tennis4All website by clicking HERE.
  2. Verify your membership is up-to-date.  If you are not sure if it is up-to-date, please email your Membership Director, Brian Bartoloni, at
  3. Click the big blue “Sign Up!” button at the bottom.
  4. Complete the application.
  5. Submit payment.
  6. Please note that all three of the following must be successfully completed to be considered registered:  (a) membership up-to-date; (b) application submitted; and (c) payment received.  If you have any questions/concerns, please reach out to Kyle Poyar at

If you’re interested in being a substitute, please email Kyle at and I’ll add you to the list.

Kyle Poyar and John Costello will be the directors of the singles season.

As always, if you have any questions/concerns, please let me know.

-Kyle & John

REMINDER: Social this coming Sunday, 11/22. RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW!

Join us for a special MEMBERS-ONLY Thanksgiving Tennis Social!!

Spots are filling up…. we have a hard cap at 24 players so sign up before it’s full!

What’s better than tennis and bad turkey puns this time of year? If you are asking yourself: should I sign up? You cran, and you should. Feast your eyes on members of our tennis4all community as you whip the stuffing out of ’em. Laughter, encouragement, friendship: yes. Fowl play: no. See you out there!

Where and When

  • Woburn Racquet Club
  • Sunday, November 22, 2-4pm


$25.00 includes court time and balls


Click here to sign up.  Note, if you aren’t a member, you will need to join Tennis4All first, for $35 (membership good through April 30, 2021).


Join us for a Thanksgiving tennis social!

Join us for a special MEMBERS-ONLY Thanksgiving Tennis Social!!

What’s better than tennis and bad turkey puns this time of year? If you are asking yourself: should I sign up? You cran, and you should. Feast your eyes on members of our tennis4all community as you whip the stuffing out of ’em. Laughter, encouragement, friendship: yes. Fowl play: no. See you out there!


$25.00 includes court time and balls


Click here to sign up.  Note, if you aren’t a member, you will need to join Tennis4All first, for $35 (membership good through April 30, 2021).


Vena Trifecta!

The 2020 Summer Challenge Ladder has come to a close and I am here to announce the prizes.

Before I get to those, I wanted to thank everyone for one of the Biggest number of participants in recent memory: 40 players in all. A total of 177 matches played. Thank you for being prompt in reporting your scores and just for keeping the tennis 4 all spirit alive and well here in the unforgettable summer of 2020.

Please consider joining us next summer and lets try and get 50 folks on the ladder!

And now…the prizes. Happy to see lots of new faces on the ladder this year. And there was some interesting matchups and places being traded at all levels. But one person stands out above us all.

The prize for finishing a top the ladder goes to one man: Alex Vena

The prize for making the biggest jump from the beginning of the summer to the end of the summer goes to one man: Alex Vena (from #18 to #1)

And…prizes for the 2 biggest point totals… In second place with 87 points is Scott Enos and in first place with 107 points is yes, you guessed it….Alex Vena.

Congratulations Scott and.. as for you Alex Vena, this is very impressive. Well done.

Prizes will be forthcoming. They will be epic.

Commissioner Longlegs…out.

The Climax of the Summer Challenge Ladder 2020

Good evening all. It is I, your Longlegged Commissioner. It is the last Sunday of the Summer Challenge Ladder. The extension is over. While they begin to battle it out on the clay of Roland Garros, we wrap things up here at home. Please report any scores from today or the weekend by tomorrow night (Monday)

I will wait a bit to announce Prizes but I do have a favor to ask in regards to one of them, the prize for who took the biggest leap up on the ladder from beginning of summer to the end. I took a screen shot of folks that signed up initially, but did NOT do a good job (at all) of noting where folks were dropped in after the initial ladder went up. So, if you are on this list, you are all set and I will be looking at your various Leaps. If you are NOT on this list and you have a good idea of what number you might have been dropped in (I am going to trust in your good sportsmanship and recognize that you might have to guess, that’s ok!) then please email me that information so I can consider you. If you know that there’s no way you jumped up enough to be considered, then yeah, you don’t have to. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who wishes to be considered for this by Tuesday night this week. I apologize for not taking notes on this, I have learned my lesson and will come up with a better system for next summer, I promise. People I have: Armin, Steve M, Barbara, Gino, Dan E, Conall, Conor, C.Wood, Ralph, Edgardo, Roman, Kyle, Brian B, Steve S, VIncent, Sunil, Daveth, Sam, Chris joy, Raul, Rachel, Mary, Robert K, Victor, Mike F, David George

Thanks again All. I will send out one more Blog at the end of the week with Prize Announcements in All Categories!

Participation has been Stellar this Summer, thanks for joining us on the Ladder 2020! I’ve enjoyed reading you and meeting many of you on various courts of honor.



Final Week Approacheth!

While the Italian Open heats up in Roma….the ladder is winding down here in Boston!





While the Italian Open heats up in Roma…the Summer Challenge Ladder is coming to an exciting close here in Boston! Remember that Sunday the 27th is the last day that matches can take place on.

With one week-ish to go, there is a new leader on top of the ladder. His name is Alex Vena.

Can he stay there? Will there be a final challenge by someone below? Rafa?

Alex has also surpassed the 100 points mark, far ahead of the rest of the pack. Well done Alex!

HOWEVER, there are prizes given out for the top TWO on the points ladder so Scott, Conall and Victor will have to work that out this last week…very few points separate those 3.

The participation has been inspired this year everyone. Let’s go out strong this week.