Winners of the 2022 Challenge Ladder!

As Ladder Master-2022, I am pleased to announce the winners of the 2022 Summer Challenge Ladder. You will also see each winner here depicted with a prize for their efforts.

#1 Player: Scott Lee! (pictured with tiny silver #1 thing) ; Scott simply never lost a match.

Biggest Leap up the Ladder: Thomas Le!  (pictured here with frog with a crown on it) ; Thomas went from #29 to #9

Most Points for Most Matches Played: Jason Wu (101 points) and Martin Romm (98 points)! (pictured with gorgeous water bottles); These two just kept playing!!

We had 35 players on the Ladder this summer. Next year….you could be one of them and you too could take home some kind of unfathomable prize.

Until then….the ladder master rests….

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