The Summer Ladder Awaits…YOU!

I am delighted to announce that we are still 12 days away from the official start of the 2023 Tennis4All Summer Challenge Ladder and we are already at 28 rungs! There is always room for more and we invite you to take part in all things ladder. Here is the link but the gist of it is: $10 and a membership in good standing and you’re in! We accept new players all summer long in fact, so if you’re not sure now but you decide later in June or July you’d like to join, you can!

2023 Summer Challenge Ladder

Also, though again official matches do not begin until the 27th, if you’re already on the ladder and would like to engage in what we call a ‘friendly’ match, by all means, do! Contact someone and set up a match, enjoy the beautiful weather we’re having. Just don’t report the score to me, as it won’t count until the 27th. That’s when everything counts. Every. Thing.




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