The Ladder Turns 21 and is still Growing!

I am pleased to announce that the Summer Challenge Ladder is already chock full of players, 21 current rungs are taken and there is always room for more!

A couple of reminders, as per the rules: you may challenge anyone who is 6 places above you or 4 places below you at the time of the challenge. I put that in italics because sometimes someone might end up dropping or rising and look to be ‘out of range’ by the time you play, so the important part is that at the time of the challenge, you are in each other’s range.

One thing I see that is NOT on the official rules is that there is no official rule about a third set. What I have found best is to speak with your opponent before the match begins and decide in advance what you’ll do if you split the first two sets i.e. play a third OR play a 10 point super tie breaker. Once in a while you will not agree (one player prefers to play a third, the other a super tie) In that event, I have found ye’ old classic coin toss to be the decider. I also think if you are playing at a venue that seems busy, people are waiting etc…be kind and play a Super Tie breaker. Again, there is no official rule there but…

Happy weekend! Good weather to practice!


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