Tennis4All Membership Renewal Reminder

Hi Tennis4All members!

For those who have already renewed their membership prior to the June 1st date, thank you!!!

This is just a reminder for those who have not renewed your membership for June 1st. You can still log into the Tennis4All website, but you will no longer have access to members-only pages…such a member directory, summer doubles and challenge ladder.
This is also a reminder that if you signed up for the summer challenge ladder you must renew your membership as well…don’t make me hunt you down!

We had about 200 members prior to June 1st and about half have renewed already.

So what are you waiting for! Log into the website , click on membership and for just $35 you’re good for another year!


Brian Bartoloni

Membership Director


Membership Renewal

Hi Tennis4All members,

It is that time of year, time to renew your Tennis4All membership! Your current membership ends May 31st. We did waive membership renewal last year due to COVID-19 given that we could not host league play and other events.

However, we just wrapped up a successful singles league season and are about to kick off both summer doubles and the challenge ladder. Unfortunately the Boston Tennis Classic this summer was canceled, BUT we are hoping to put together a T4All tournament at Harvard University later this summer.

Lots of upcoming tennis action so it is important to renew your membership. Members will have access to singles league, doubles league, socials, challenge ladder, Atlantic Cup (hopefully happening later this year in Philadelphia!) plus other exciting events in the works.

For those who already renewed your membership with sign up for summer doubles or the challenge ladder, thank you…you do not need to renew until June 1, 2022

For everyone else please renew your membership over the next few weeks so you stay on the email list for communications for all T4All events. Just go to, log in, click the members tab and you will see a link to renew your membership. The price is still just $35 for your yearly membership.

Thank you!

Brian Bartoloni

Membership Director



Membership Fee Extension

Hi Tennis4All Members!

Tennis4All memberships have been extended, free of charge, until June 1, 2021. You will not have to renew your membership to join the summer challenge ladder.

Speaking of the summer challenge ladder, if you are interested please sign up on the Tennis4All website.

Tennis courts are back open so get your matching outfits ready and get your grunt on! Oh wait, that’s just me!

Brian Bartoloni, Membership Director, Tennis4All