Grievance Procedure

Tennis4All is committed to the resolution of disputes at the earliest opportunity and at the least formal level possible. When disputes arise, members are encouraged to discuss the matter privately with the objective of resolving the dispute on their own and without additional assistance. If disputes cannot be resolved in this manner, members are requested to follow the grievance procedure outlined below.

Step One: A member with a dispute or grievance may discuss the matter with the organizer or director of the activity in which he or she is participating or in which the dispute arose. (e.g. Saturday night social, winter singles league, summer doubles league, challenge ladder, etc.)

Step Two: If the dispute is not resolved to the member’s satisfaction by the organizer or director of the activity, the member may appeal to the Tennis4All board of directors by notifying the chairperson/president who will schedule the matter for discussion at the next board meeting. The member and any other interested party may attend the board meeting and present relevant information regarding the dispute.

The decision of the board of directors is final and binding.