Pickleball social January 8


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm




Our first pickleball social sold out fast and was a ton of fun. We’re hosting another one on January 8 again at Pickles in Hanover. Details below. Register to reserve your spot.

WHAT: 2 hours of pickleball doubles on indoor pickleball courts. Standard pickleball mixer format (one game and rotate).

WHO: We have 4 courts and space for 22 players. If all 22 players show up, you will play approximately 75 percent of the time in the mixer format. After one game, you will come off the court and get back in line with 3 other players for next available court.

All pickleball levels are welcome. For any beginners, we will offer some basic instruction and practice on one court. Most tennis players are able to play pickleball basically enough to play a game with other beginners within 20-30 minutes.

HOW MUCH: $25 including pizza. If you need a paddle, you can rent one for $5. Beer and wine available for purchase at additional cost. Refunds will be offered if you cancel at least 48 hours before the event, minus the PayPal fee. No refunds for cancellations within 48 hours of the event.

Tennis4All membership is not required for this event.
Contact Steve Backhaus (stevebackhaus@hotmail.com) with any questions. Please contact Steve with questions rather than the facility directly.



This event is fully booked.


  • Chris Wood
  • Edwin Medrano
  • Rick Martin
  • Steve Backhaus
  • Joe Hawley
  • Roger Li
  • Brian Frasier
  • Jens Hansen
  • Tommy Young
  • Leslie and Carlos Hoyt
  • Jay Dee
  • Ryan Losey
  • Chris Primiano
  • Hainan Xin
  • Alan tang
  • Mary English
  • Pamela Florian
  • Maya Milic-Strkalj
Booked spaces: 22
Available spaces: 0