Tennis4All’s First Social of 2022!


4:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Woburn Racquet Club


Why should you sign up for our January 2nd social, you ask?
1. Your wrapping paper cuts have finally healed
2. You’ve bounced back from your bad decisions on New Year’s Eve
3. You have watched everything on the Hallmark Channel several times over

So, bring your bright-eyed, bushy-tailed self (and your racket) over to Woburn Racket Club from 4pm to 6pm!

The holidays can get expensive, so this event is TENNIS ONLY for $15 for Tennis4All members ($25 for non-members). No food. No booze. You’re welcome.

28 spots are available and they will go fast, so sign up right away!

By signing up for this event you agree to the terms (including Waiver and Release) on our Terms of Service page.

NOTES FOR GUESTS (non-members):

  • Please indicate your level of play in the Comments when you sign up. For help with your level, see these guidelines.
  • Consider becoming a member for just $35!  Sign up here.

MEMBERS: You must log in to see the discounted rate.


Registration is closed for this event.


  • Zachary Zinsli
  • Curtis Henderson
  • Mark Botch
  • Scott Enos
  • Steve Menichetti
  • Terry Epps
  • Geoff Tuba
  • Steve Backhaus
  • Tom Lee
  • Dylan Bui
  • Pamela Florian
  • Roman Krasikov
  • Sam Smith
  • Janfrevic Lujares
  • Tommy Young
  • Michael Kozuch
  • Kyle Poyar
  • Lisa Quackenbush
  • Mark Petry
  • steven dalin
  • Andre Leroux
  • Mark Weber
  • Domingo Medina
  • Ryan Losey
  • Barbara Ullman
  • John Costello
Booked spaces: 27
Available spaces: 1