2021 Talkin’ Turkey Tennis Social


8:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Woburn Racquet Club


Shake a leg and sign up ASAP for the T4All social at Woburn Racket Club from 8pm to 10pm on Saturday, November 20. Keep your tennis friends (a)breast of your holiday plans and say thigh to new friends who love to (s)wing the ol’ racket, too.

(The social will be more fun than these puns, we promise.)

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NOTE: If you are not a Tennis4All member, please indicate your level of play in the Comments when you sign up. For help with your level, see these guidelines.


Registration is closed for this event.


  • Kurt White
  • Alan Gnani
  • dylan bui
  • Pete Simmonds
  • Daniel Onea
  • Scott Enos
  • Sam Smith
  • David Meiri
  • Janfrevic Lujares
  • Edwin Medrano
  • Chris Wood
  • Curtis Henderson
  • Greg Robinson
  • David Deng
  • Michael Kozuch
  • Tommy Young
  • Joe Hawley
  • Paul Dome
  • Alan Gaskell
  • Amit Raval
  • Kendrick Perkins
  • Eduardo Rodriguez
  • Steve Menichetti
  • Jack Green
  • Doug Palardy
  • Steve Backhaus
  • Jamie Richard
  • Domingo Medina
  • James Conforti
  • Lowell Partridge
  • Conroy Jackson
  • Mark Schatz
  • Social Coordinator
  • Karen Voorhees
  • Pam Florian
  • Mark Botch
  • Alex Topkins
  • John Costello
  • Ben Woolston
Booked spaces: 39
Available spaces: 1