2020 Thanksgiving Social


2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Woburn Racquet Club


Join us for a special MEMBERS-ONLY Thanksgiving Tennis Social!!

What’s better than tennis and bad turkey puns this time of year? If you are asking yourself: should I sign up? You cran, and you should. Feast your eyes on members of our tennis4all community as you whip the stuffing out of ’em. Laughter, encouragement, friendship: yes. Fowl play: no. See you out there!

  • Cost

$25.00 includes court time and balls


Registration is closed for this event.


  • Mary English
  • Daniel Onea
  • Mark McDonough
  • Mark Fallon
  • Conall O'Cleirigh
  • Glenn Cunha
  • Gino Galutera
  • Pamela Florian
  • Conor McCormack
  • Robert Kleist
  • Shawn Ahern
  • Alan Gaskell
  • David Meiri
  • Jeremy Surla Vargas
  • Daveth Cheth
  • Jamie Richard
  • Scott Enos
  • Brian Frasier
  • Zack Yang
Booked spaces: 20
Available spaces: 4